Fashion DIY: Leather Studded Wallet


For Mothers Day, I had my first experience in working with leather when I made some

little clutches

. After working on those, I decided it was time to make myself a wallet. My everyday purse is pretty small, and I haven't been able to find a wallet that A.) fits in it and B.) is actually cute and doesn't cost $200. With those thoughts in mind, I designed this little diddy. I added a little gold pocket on the back of the wallet for my ID, and made it a bit more three dimensional by adding side panels. I showed in a bit more detail how the studs are done. It's so super simple, sort of like little snaps and then you just hammer the heck out of them. I love how this one came out, lots of room for cards (because lets be honest, I really only carry cash if someone is paying me back for something or am going antique shopping) and it's just the right size for my purse and can even fit my phone if it's all I'm carrying. Wallet perfection for very little money!