EVENTS: Wedding Guest Book Alternatives


Guest books are something that tradition dictates every wedding must have, guests can get very upset when they don't have a place to write you a message! That being said, most guest books get lost in bookshelves, never to be seen again! So lets shake up tradition a bit with these wedding guest book alternatives that are sure to stand out in the crowd! 

  1. Paper Hearts: This is an easy DIY Wedding Project, have your guests sign their names on a heart and leave them for you to compile later. This makes for a great piece of artwork to hang in your house after the wedding.
  2. Heart Poster: This is a great and graphic piece to hang up later. Guests can sign the hears and leave little messages, having something you can hang on the wall and see every day is so much better than leaving it all in a book where you'll never really see all the meaningful messages people had for you on your wedding day. 
  3. Plates: If you collect plates and plan to hang them in your kitchen or dining room, what a great idea to work in some plates that your guests have decorated for you. Keeping the pen gold and mixing your wedding plates with finer china keeps them from looking like a kiddy project. 
  4. Locks: Something about this is so cute, can you imagine hanging them all on a fence in your backyard or on a balcony railing?
  5. Wire Fence and Paper: I've seen this in large scale and it's breathtaking, what a lovely idea to scale it down and have all these little scrolled up messages make a piece of art with an element of discovery when you want to relive the night and reread all your guests messages to you. 
  6. Messages for Memories: I love the layout of this, It could make a great backdrop for photos and who doesn't love a mini envelope? I do!