EVENTS: Unique Wedding Seating Chart Displays


I have a secret love of complex and HUGE seating charts. Untraditional seating charts are not exactly practical because they cause crazy long lines when people search for their names and read all the details, and then, because they have waited so long they want to REALLY look at it, and THEN, if there is no piece that they take with them, they could forget their table number and need to get in line all over again! Eek! That being said, they are FUN and PRETTY and UNIQUE which means I like them despite their impracticality. It's like a treasure hunt and memory game combo! Great for people who like games, not so good for those who have poor memory and eyesight! So, before you decide to go this route, think about your guest list, would they love this, or curse you on your wedding day?

  1. Graph
  2. World Map
  3. Follow the String!
  4. Graphic text with buttons
  5. Who's Who- describes who the guests are to the Bride and Groom
  6. Map with Flags