EVENTS: Mini Bunt Cakes


My Mom's birthday was this past week, it was a big one, so my Dad and I threw a little party for her. My Mom's favorite cake is angel food cake, and I wanted to do something more than the standard, so I bought myself a mini bunt cake pan and went to town! I made mini angle food cakes and the pink lemonaid cake recipe I had made


that was AMAZING. For a little extra something I used my piping bags to make the frosting pretty and cut up some strawberries for the final touch on the angel food cake.  Sometimes little things, like special pans and spending a bit more time on the icing impresses the pants off people! Happy Birthday to the best Mom in the world! 

On another note, I'm off to the 


 antique fair today! I've talked about Brimfield before, and  posted some of my AWSOME finds, you can see those posts




, and


. I don't need anything big this time around, which means I'll probably find something expensive that I MUST HAVE. I'll let you know how I net out!