EVENTS: Custom Wedding Invitation: Sneak Peek, See the Design Process


 I thought I would give a sneak peek of the wedding invitation I am currently working on and some of the design process that goes into creating it. I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do for Elaine and Steve from the beginning, as I know them both well and also had the

save the date

I had designed for them as a jumping off point. I'm not going to talk much about the actual design, as I'll reveal it in full in a couple weeks. Instead, I thought I would talk about the design process.

  I almost always start the design process with sketches. In this case, as the layout is something I have never done before, I did a physical mockup and did a quick sketch of the general lay out. By doing that, I determined what the measurements would need to be so I could take it into the computer. As this is a very graphic and font based design, most of the work is done in Illustrator. Once I have a general design, I printed out options and checked in with Elaine, Steve, and Elaine's parents. We then talk about changes and edits and work through those. I then print out options. LOTS of them. Sometimes I'll be sure something is perfect in the digital version but once I print it out I'll see little tweaks, and sometimes even bigger overall edits that need to be made. Once everything is finalized with the design, it's on to perfecting the print layout, color matching, and paper choices. Having my own high quality printer makes all the difference here, the whole printing process is in my control instead of handing it off to a printing company. A large printer may not care about a 2mm printing shift, or the colors matching a certain swatch just so, but I DO! I'm printing out the invitations currently, then it's on to assembly! I can't wait to finish this wedding invitation, it might be my favorite to date.