Brimfield Antique Fair July 2013


Yesterday, my Mom, my friend Marissa, her Dad and I all went to Brimfield Antique Fair. I've been going every year for probably the last 5 or 6 years. It's something I look forward too like a crazy antiquing addict, counting down the days until my next antique hit. It's the Olympics of antiquing, we pack water bottles to make sure we're well hydrated, wear comfortable shoes, lots of sunscreen, reenergize with giant bags of fresh kettle corn, and carry abnormally large wads of cash (I typically never have more than a dollar in change in my wallet if I'm lucky, so $150 seems like a lot. Once I went with $500 and found nothing, so now I don't carry more than $150 in fear that I will jinx myself, there are ATMs everywhere in case I need more). I didn't buy any huge pieces of furniture this year, though I was drooling over some, but I really have no place for them to live. I bought mostly items to hang on my walls, I'll show them to you in their new homes next week!

In these pictures are some of the cool, fun or CRAZY things I saw. Giant type cases (one of which I bought for my friend in NYC for only $15, which she couldn't believe), old cameras, bright metal chairs from vietnam factories (funny as I'll be in such factories in a couple weeks), giant sign letters, last stands used as wine racks, beautiful fire extinguishers, wood baskets, railroad signs, type, creepy mutant baby dolls, a lovely appointment facade, and a sled with one of the coffee table carts I bought a couple years ago! You can always find SOMETHING you need when you go to Brimfield!