My 100th Blog Post

Today marks my 100th blog post on Wouldn't it be Lovely. On February 5th, I wrote my first post, and have posted every weekday since. I have posted my wedding projects, home projects, calligraphy exercises, wedding inspiration boards, home decor inspirations boards, and more. When I decided to start blogging, I knew it would be tough to balance my time between a full time footwear design job, working on all the jobs for my own event design company, tackling numerous home improvement and DIY projects, and meanwhile, blogging about it all! It was all a bit maddening in the beginning, but I've always been happier and more productive when I'm right on the edge of crazy anyway. As I reach my 100th post, I feel like I've got it pretty much under control. Could I use more time? OF COURSE! That being said, I'm proud of all the projects this blog has pushed me to do. Without the blog, the timelines would have been drastically longer, and some projects might not have happened at all. Most of all, I love sharing all my projects, seeing people pin them on Pinterest, talking about them at work, or commenting on the blog. Ideas and projects are always best when shared! Below I have put together two boards including some of my original projects, home and wedding. that I have designed and made since starting the blog just 5 short months ago! Happy 100th post to me! Here's to 100 more!