DIY:Outdoor Cart Table Redo


In my quest to make a lovely outdoor space, I knew we needed a table by our new

Ikea chaise lounges

 (which I just got for my birthday)! I found this lovely little table in an antique warehouse near us. I saw it and immediately fell in love with the shape and knew I could breathe new life into it with a bright coat of paint. Though the transparent grayish plastic and brass had a certain appeal, it didn't really feel right next to the other things we have outside. I taped up the wheel feet, took out the plastic surfaces, cleaned the whole thing with a rag and some soap and pulled out the spray paint. I used Rust-Oleum spray paint in a nice greenish yellow color for the frame, and white enamel spray paint for the plastic bits. Remember when you are spray painting, lots of light coats! Trying to cover the whole thing in one spray session leads to drips and cracked paint. Whenever I spray paint, I usually have other projects I'm doing at the same time so I don't get too impatient, this weekend my alternate activity was sipping margaritas and getting a tan with my friend while the paint dried! I love how my little table come out, now it feels fresh and fun, the new color really makes the most of it's unique shape.