Best of Wedding Signs


Wedding signage is great for many reasons, most importantly for imparting information to your guests. Whether it be directions to different staging areas for the event, an arrow to the bathroom, or just letting your guest know what's to come, signs are invaluable. Signs can also be great as decor, a place for you and your guests to take photos, and pull together a theme or feel for the day. Though you may be unsure as to where to get such custom items made, event designers (such as myself!) and most graphic designers will be able to design something to meet your needs.

  1. String sign: I made one like this not that long ago, I have the instructions on a previous post. these are so fun and can be repurposed as art in your home after your wedding.
  2. Black arrows: These are simple and to the point, a great way to direct your guests at a larger wedding site.
  3. Raw wood signs: I made these for Alex & Ben's wedding. I used raw edge boards to play in with the rest of their decor. 
  4. Light bright sign: This sign is so cute and simple, and easy DIY project that can say whatever your heart desires. 
  5. Program sign: I love this idea in lieu of individual paper programs. Place this large painted sign in a place where all your guests can see it. It adds to the decor and would probably cost around the same as paper programs. 
  6. Chalkboard sign: This is a lovely idea for a first impression of your event, include pertinent information such as a schedule, menus, and numbers for local taxi companies so guests can drink with abandon!
  7. Photo montage sign: Building a wall with a painted message and little shelves is a great way to incorporate mementos and photos in an outdoor wedding where there may not be an obvious place for such items otherwise. 
  8. Small chalkboard signs: By having a bunch of small chalkboard signs made, you can have various signs filled out the day of if you are not sure of what you may need beforehand.