Bedroom Gallery Wall


Finally! I have hung some art in our

guest room

! I had a variety of things that I was excited to hang on the wall, but I knew it would be a tricky orientation as some of the pieces were three dimentional. So as I described when I hung the gallery wall in our

living room

, cutting out pieces of paper in the same size as what you want to hang on the wall is a great way to insure that you are not putting too many holes in your walls! By working with the paper versions, I could move them around and end up with everything right where I wanted. Knowing where the lamp was going to be made me think about where I wanted the art to go. Sometimes people hang art without taking into consideration where their furniture and other accents are going to be. Something that may look unbalanced on the wall can be balanced by other items, like windows, doors, a high backed chair, or in this case, a lamp.  You really do have to take into account everything in the room when you are hanging art.

As for the art, the ice cream cone is by my super talented college room mate, Claire Moore. Then I have a little calligraphy I did on the fly to fill the little wood frame. It's nice to have a basic sized frame that you can switch out the artwork every once in a while, which is what I intend to do with this little frame. The metal C is from Urban Outfitters, and the woven basket from West Elm. The wood type box is a Brimfield find that I painted and talked about in a

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. Mixing various types of art always makes for a lovely and dynamic wall. I am so very happy with how this came out.