Things Don't Have to Change the World to be Important


"Thing's don't have to change the world to be important" said by Steve Jobs. Sometimes, when I'm designing, I feel like I'm not doing things that are "important enough" or "different enough" but then I remember that they mean something to someone. Whether it's a comfy dog bed that will make Truman happy, a wedding invitation that is personalized and makes a bride and groom feel even more special on their wedding day, or just a little saying paired with a picture that reminds someone that whatever they are doing, it's important to someone.

This picture is from our trip to the Grand Canyon a couple years ago. I'm heading off on a mini vacation this weekend to visit one of my favorite people, my roommate from RISD, Claire! I'll be in Fort Lauderdale from Saturday to Tuesday and I'm looking forward to getting some sun (even though I will be wearing my 75 SPF), hanging out and creating chaos! Have a great weekend!