Polka Dot Bedroom


Our guest room is finally done.... kinda.  I'd still like to hang a bit more art by the rattan chair in the corner, and the desk chair is a place holder stolen from our dining room for the purpose of this little photo op. Right now though, I'm 95% happy with how it came out! Most of the items in the room were things we already had or DIY projects,  it's a guest room, I can't buy all new things! 

It started with paint. the room was an off white which made it feel kind of dingy. I painted the walls a pure matte white and made a polka dot template and painted the same pure white in a glossy finish across all the walls. It's a lovely effect that really plays with the light and made the room feel so bright and happy. I also painted all the trim the same glossy white which helps update the look of the room. 

Then came a series of projects! The mirror was $30 from Ikea and originally black, I spray painted it this lovely coral color to make it feel a bit more fun. The blue drawer pulls were another little project that I described in an

earlier post

. The headboard was also a fun $50 DIY described


. The curtains were cheep and basic from Urban Outfitters, I sewed on pom pom trim to make them a bit more fun, I talked about doing that in on of my

first posts

, I also list where I bought some of the items in the room in that post as well. I got the arrows over the bed from a great

artist on etsy

, she custom made them in the pattern and colors I wanted, I LOVE how they look next to the denser gallery wall over the desk (I'll go into more detail about the gallery wall next week!) The "desk" is a wall mounted shelf with drawers from


. As guest rooms often serve as multi purpose rooms, this is just the right size to serve as a desk and night table.  The rattan chair was a $25 find from a local antique market, as were the hobnail lights on the dresser. So, all in all, for a room of hand me down furniture, DIY projects, and antique store finds, it came together pretty well!