Custom Wedding Programs


These are some programs I just completed for a wedding coming up next weekend. They compliment the wedding invitations I designed for them a couple of months ago. There are some things that I love to include in the program that I thought I would share. All the basic wedding info is on the front, and inside is the information about all the people in the wedding as well as the description of the ceremony. On the back is where I like to include a couple extra items, starting with a personal note to family and friends, this is a great place to tell everyone how much it means to have them at your wedding celebration. Then, when applicable, I like to include an area to remember family members who are no longer with us, but who we would like to think are with us in spirit. Last but not least, I like to include directions to the reception if it is not at the same site as the ceremony! Custom programs are great and completely worth it, if only to avoid assembling them yourself! I sell custom programs like this for $2 a piece.