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It seems that everywhere you look, people are including their furry friends in their big day in a variety of different ways. Having done it myself, I have decided to impart my wisdom with others! Here are some tips and ideas:

Including your dog on the day of your wedding:

  1. HIRE SOMEONE to pick up your dog, bring him to and from the wedding or reception so he's not stuck there the whole time. That way someone else will be responsible for the dog so you don't have to worry and can enjoy your day. They will make sure they have water, can take a walk if they need a break, etc etc. Usually dog walkers will do this if you give them specifics of what you need, and whats $100 for you and your dogs piece of mind? 
  2. Only include your dog in the actual ceremony if they are super well behaved, and have the person you hired take them for a walk after they have done their job so they are not a distraction.
  3. Most dogs won't be able to make it through a ceremony without whining, barking, needing to pee, etc, the better plan is to have them brought to the site where you are taking your "formal" pictures, so you can play, take some great shots with your pup, and then go on your separate ways! That's what we did and it worked out wonderfully. 

If you can't have your dog at your wedding, here are some other ways to include them:

  1. Take pictures for your Save the Dates and include your pup.
  2. If you are having your Wedding Invitations custom designed by a stationary designer (like me, at Wouldn't it be Lovely!) tell them you want to include your pet and they will find a way to do it that suits your style. 
  3. We had a custom cake topper made (pictured above) and they made the dog look just like Lincoln! 
  4. Include your dog in the decor, such as table numbers, escort cards, worked in to the design of the program etc. I've done things like this for various weddings I've designed, and it can be done in a subtle way or incorporated as a big part of your wedding.