DIY: Wood & String Vase

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I always see these wood vases / utensil holders whenever I'm in Home Goods and Target, I like them, but I thought I might be able to do something to make it a bit more interesting. I bought mine at Target on sale for about $10. I had embroidery thread left over from some past projects so I decided to use it to make a geometric pattern on the vase. The whole project takes about an hour or so. I love the almost spirograph look I ended up with!



  1. Wood Vase
  2. Embroidery Thread


  1. Drill
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Large Needle


  1. I made a stencil of a scalloped pattern, and punched out the holes so I could draw it on the vase.
  2. Drill holes
  3. Lightly sand to smooth edges around the holes
  4. Start threading the embroidery thread through the holes in whatever pattern suits you! I did alternating starburst like patterns from the highest point of the scallops. I did the whole thing first in one color and then went over it in a second colored thread. To better emphasize the scallop shape, I threaded along the holes as well.
  5. Use however you desire! As a utensil holder in the kitchen, put a glass in it and use it as a vase, or even use it as a pencil holder. Enjoy!