DIY: Make a Statement Sign


Signs make great art, and making your own can really customize your space. It's a personal and inexpensive way to fill a large space on a wall. I made this sign in about three hours and it cost me around $20. Choosing what you want the sign to say is usually the hardest part,. I had mine say "CREATE" because I'm always making new things and it reminds me that even when I'm sitting on the couch I can be thinking of fun things to design.


  1.  Wood (I got a piece of pine from Home Depot that they cut to size for me for about $10
  2.  Embroidery Thread (from A.C. Moore, the stuff you make friendship bracelets from)
  3. Brass Nails
  4. Stain (if you want the wood darker, but you can just keep it natural)
  5.  Hammer
  6. Paint (I painted the edges gold for a bit of shine)


  1. Stain wood & paint edges
  2. Decide what you want to say and print it out to scale
  3. Tape paper to wood
  4. Hammer in nails about 1/3 of the way in, I spaced them about 1/2in apart around the edge of each letter
  5. Rip off paper
  6. Tie thread to one nail and connect all the nails in a random pattern, then go around the edges securing thread by wrapping around each nail twice.
  7. Hang that baby up!