Memorable Party Favors


 I often find myself at weddings, staring at a cheep minature beach chair, or a tulle bag of candied almonds and asking myself "WHY?" Why did this lovely couple waste $2-$5 on a favor that I REALLY don't want to bring home with me or that I may forget all together. If you're going to do favors, do something pretty and EDIBLE. Let's be honest, at the end of the night, when guests are leaving your wedding they've either got the drunk munchies or wish they had gotten just a bit more dessert. Hence favor cookie jars. You can tie them into whatever theme and look you have created and fill them with a variety of baked goods. I've filled them with cookie cheesecake, funfetti cake, grandma's famous chocolate chip cookies or in this case, gingersnaps (which never last the night in my house).