Easter Egg Surprise

This week, I decided to some fun projects for Easter this coming weekend. I've always wanted to try blowing out eggs. It's something my grandmother did for me when I was little and I thought it was time I learned to do it myself. It was much easier than I thought it would be! When it came to decorating the eggs, I decided to keep it simple, a sharpie and some simple repeat patterns. Since the egg was so conveniently empty, I decided it would be fun to turn the eggs into little message carriers! I designed the package and labels to make it into a fun experience for the recipient!


To blow out the egg, I poked a hole in each end with a needle, and then made the bottom hole bigger with some drill bits. Then it all came down to blowing in one end and having all the egg guts pop out the other. Lovely. Then I microwaved the empty shells to "cook" the remaining egg inside, which also makes the shells a bit stronger. After drawing the patterns on the outside, I wrote out a little message, rolled it up and inserted it into the bigger hole in the bottom. To make it even more fun when the egg was cracked, I added some glitter into the mix. To seal up the bottom, I used a bit of tissue and liquid bandaid.