Adorn Your Walls!


I mentioned this in yesterdays post, but I truly believe a house does not feel like a home unless you have art on your walls! I feel like most people are intimidated to buy art and commit to it enough to put a hole in their wall to hang it. Art doesn't need to be intimidating, don't worry about if it has a deeper meaning or if someone told you it's worthless, if you like it and it says something to you than it's awesome and worth it. I have pieces of art that cost $300 from a gallery hung next to one that cost me $5 at salvation army. There is no need to worry about everything going together, chances are if you bought 10 things that struck your fancy, they'll all look right together for one reason or another. So adorn your walls! Here are some of my current favorites.


baby don't let our love deflate

" 11.5x11.5 $25 (I have a 3ft by 3ft of this in my living room)




" 30"x72" $75. I love how the shadows of the animals have a little secret message.




" 17"x17" $30. I love the colors and how in the winter it makes me feel warm.



No Whining

" 13.75" x 22" $35. I just bought this to hang in our entry way. It makes me laugh and forget about whatever might have made me grumpy during the day.