Gallery Wall


 Organic gallery walls are a great way to add a dynamic way to add interest to a room. Personally, I think the best gallery walls are made up of varying styles of art and 3D objects which combine to give someone a sense of who you are. I made this gallery wall so that the TV felt incorporated into the room without doing anything too drastic to it (like covering it with something, because I don't know about you, but our TV is on too frequently to make that practical!). Awesome as gallery walls are, they are also tough to lay out without putting a million holes in your walls. This is how I did mine without turning my walls into swiss cheese. First, I traced the pieces of art and objects I was planning to use onto large pieces of inexpensive sketch paper and then cut them out. I also marked on the paper where the hanging hardware was so that I would know where to put the nails. I then moved them around on the floor until I felt like they were in a configuration I liked. With painters tape, I attached them to the wall and played with them a bit until I felt like they all related to each other. Then, I put the nails directly though the paper where I had marked earlier. Once you take down the paper, you are good to hang your art on the walls!