Foil Pricing Overview for Wouldn’t it be Lovely:

After checking out the pricing page of the Wouldn’t it be Lovely website, and seeing our many samples, you’re probably wondering how much extra it is to add that lovely metallic treatment you’re seeing! This is gold foil, a very similar process to letterpress, (See a video and see pictures here) we make a metal plate of your design, which is then put in a press and used to imprint foil onto the paper of your invitation. Standard colors are gold, silver, copper, bronze and even some other basic colors like white, navy or black. Unique colors and foil patterns do cost extra, but please ask if you’re interested!

The cost of foil treatments are very dependent on quantities, below is pricing for foil per piece, so if you want foil on all three pieces of your invitation (invite, reception card and RSVP), multiply the number beside your quantity by three. This is the cost of foil IN ADDITION to the cost of the invitation package you choose from the pricing page of the website. This can be a little complicated, but feel free to e-mail me with questions if you have any! The pricing is also broken down by the cost of creating a new plate, which would be for new designs or an existing design where the foil is used on any of the text, and the cost of using an existing plate, of which we have a few, that are foil borders that can be used in combination with digital printing. The cost of foil here is for 5x7”plates and smaller, the price is higher for larger sizes.


These foil plates are existing designs and are the less expensive way to incorporate foil into your custom wedding design. These plates can be used on any design, but they can not be changed, any added foil would mean creating a new plate. These can be done in any foil color, metallic, matte colors, or even nlind embossing and at any orientation. The sizes are as shown. The rest of your design would be digitally printed in the design and color of your choosing.